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~ Our Story ~

Hi!  I’m Joseph, and I’m Jake- 


Whether you are part of our family, friends of ours, or an expectant mother, we are so glad you have found us and are taking part in our amazing adoption process! We are really excited to expand our family and adopt! We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us! Jake and I have chosen to pursue a private adoption with the help of the amazing people at Utah Adoption Specialists.

This means that we will not be “matched” with an expectant mother by an agency. With a private adoption, we rely on networking to help connect us with an expectant mother. This is where you come in. We ask that you keep us in mind if you ever hear of an expectant mother looking to place a child for adoption. We hope you will consider sharing our information if you know of an expectant mother.

How We Started

JAKE: I was born and raised here in Salt Lake City. I have one brother who is about 4 years younger than me named Zach. We were raised in South Salt Lake and moved to Holladay when I was about 11. I was born to Mark Coleman and Courtney Russill. My Dad has four siblings, and my mom is an only child.

JOE: My story starts in Livingston, Montana. Soon after I was born, I was adopted by a wonderful family in Utah. My dad, Michael, my mom, Beth, and my sister, Katherine welcomed me into their home after a long wait. It was a closed adoption, meaning none of the personal identifying information was shared between birth-mother and adoptive family. A few years ago, Jake helped me get my original birth certificate that lead me to find my biological mother, Wendy. Not long after meeting Wendy, she helped me get in touch with my biological father, Cory.  It’s quite a story! 

JAKE: Growing up, I had a small group of amazing friends who I'm still in contact with today. I grew up loving comic books, traveling, and astronomy. I went to Highland High, and graduated in 2011. We were raised by our mom, dad, stepdad, and grandma.  As a kid, my grandma would take us on vacations to get us out and explore the country. I am so thankful I had family that allowed us to have these opportunities and memories.


Growing up


JOE: Growing up, I always stayed busy! From as early as I can remember, “play” was work. From helping put on a new roof at a neighbor’s, digging for a new water line, or learning to hang drywall at another neighbor’s, I stayed busy. Eventually in high school I started my own landscaping company. I began with mowing lawns which grew into full landscaping projects such as putting in sprinkler systems and redesigning yard layouts. I grew up in a Latter-Day Saint home with my amazing parents, and an amazing sister, who has always been there for me and is my biggest support. In my family we learned how to help others, serve the community, and care for the important things in life that matter, like family.

How We Met

JAKE: Joe and I met through Facebook back in January of 2015. We had a few mutual friends, but we had never met. On April 30th, I decided to take a break from Facebook and was going to signoff for a month or two, so I posted –“Alright, I think it's time for me to take a break from Facebook. If anyone needs to get a hold of me, you can text me- (And gave my number)”. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of what is now our marriage.

JOE: At this point we had viewed each other’s profile quite often, and I really enjoyed seeing all of Jake’s posts and what he was up to, but we had never really talked to each other. I saw his post that morning and probably came up with 20 different texts ready to send saying hi for the first time. After thinking about it all day, I finally sent him a text saying, “Hi I’m Joe- we are friends on Facebook and I just wanted to say hello.”

JAKE: From there we quickly became good texting friends and met each other for the first time on June 4th over Pride weekend. We clicked right away and I wanted to get to know more about Joe. The spark we had really grew to a flame quite fast. Joe took a job up here and moved from American Fork to Salt Lake with me in October of 2015.

Our Relationship

JOE: Our relationship continued to grow stronger over the next few years together. We reached our first major milestone in July of 2017 when we purchased our house together. I was 25 and Jake was 24. Moving into our first home was an amazing experience as we had both of our families helping us. That created wonderful memories! We moved in mid-August and got right to work renovating the basement into a mother-in-law apartment. It’s been a dream of mine to own and run several properties as a landlord, and owning our first home gave me that opportunity!

JAKE: We did everything from cutting a new window into our foundation, adding a new bedroom, to putting new drywall in each room. We had to add power, water, cabinets, and countertops for the new kitchen. We did all the work ourselves, except the foundation cutting and carpet installation. There were a few times where we bribed friends with food to help us with several of the more difficult tasks. At one point, Joe’s family helped us paint on Christmas Eve and Christmas day as carpet was being installed a few days later.

Our Wedding

JOE: After all that hard work, we knew it was time to take the next step in our relationship and get married. On June 2nd of 2018, we were married in the front courtyard of my parent’s home and business, which is an old Latter-day Saint church built in 1903. My dad converted the historic building into my childhood home and a pipe organ shop where he has been building pipe organs for over 35 years. Our wedding day was incredible. I have never found more joy in life. I had the incredible opportunity to be walked down the aisle by both my mom, Beth, and my biological mother, Wendy.

JAKE: It was such an amazing experience to surround ourselves with so many friends and family. We took a week long honeymoon to a romantic cabin in Livingston, Montana. We spent most of our time exploring Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons!

Our Interests

JOE: I grew up in the Boy Scouts and have a great love for the outdoors, camping, and wildlife. We have two ATV’s we love to take out and just get lost in the beauty of our mountains. I love landscaping and building with my hands. Just this last summer we redid our backyard. This included moving about 15 dump-truck loads of dirt, installing a new sprinkler system, and laying new sod. I currently work for Salt Lake City Public Utilities. I spend every day working to keep the water flowing throughout the whole Salt Lake valley.

JAKE: I grew up with a caring dad who got me hooked in comic books and astronomy! We love to travel and explore with a good audio book! I have worked as Senior Billing Specialist for the University of Utah for most of my working career.

Our Future

JOE: We have always planned on adopting and see our family as eventually having three to four kiddos! I’m excited to teach them how to camp, woodwork, and just enjoy life. I have a small, close-knit immediate family along with a very large extended family, who are all ready to welcome and help care for and love our kids. I’m most excited to give my sister the opportunity to be an aunt and to make my parents grandparents!

JAKE: We would like to have an open adoption as we want our kids to know who their birth parents are. We want to provide them with the comfort of knowing where they came from and to know they were placed into our family out of love.

We know raising kids and building our family will be difficult and test us at times. We have been certified foster parents and worked with the Utah Adoption Specialists to insure that we are ready! We are a driven, loving couple ready for what life brings us!

With All Our Love,

Jake & Joe

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