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Hi, I’m Jake, our family nerd! I was born and raised here in Salt Lake. I have a love for photography, astronomy, and the outdoors. I always try to make sure I have my camera with me on every adventure we go on.

Growing up, my dad used to take his telescope out and teach me about our solar system and outer space. Ever since then, it has become a passion of mine to continue to learn about our universe and to keep watching the night sky. Watching the stars has always been one of my favorite activities to do. It constantly blows my mind that we will never look at the same night sky twice. I have wanted to share that experience with people, so I have slowly been learning about astrophotography and how to capture the stars with my camera.

My family has always played a huge roll in my life. My parents separated when I was young. While it was sad in the moment, it allowed my family to grow. My brother and I were raised by our mom, dad, stepdad, and grandma. This was our village that helped us grow to be the people we are today. When I was in high school, my grandma had the opportunity to move to Hawaii and truly enjoy her retirement. Every summer, my brother and I would travel to see her and spend a good portion of our school breaks enjoying the islands. One of the most incredible experiences I have had on the islands was the chance to hike into Volcano National Park and see the Kilauea eruption up close.

I met my amazing husband in 2014, I knew almost right away that there was something special about him that I didn’t want to lose. We started dating and got our first apartment together not too long after. We knew that we made a good team when we started working on yards and jobs together for Joe’s landscaping company. 2017 was a year of memories for us. In March, Joe and I went on a hike to the Salt Lake Overlook Trail in Millcreek Canyon where he proposed to me at the top. Later that year, we bought our first home together and began the next chapter in our lives. In 2018 we took the next big step in our lives and tied the knot! We have always known that we wanted to have kids, but we have never been sure what the best route would be for us. With Joe being adopted himself, we decided that we wanted to pursue the adoption route. We are both so excited to become dads and to begin this next chapter of our lives.

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Hi! I’m Joseph - the extrovert of the family and I’m adopted! I was born in Livingston Montana, and my adoption was a closed adoption.  A closed adoption means none of the specifics including where I was going, where I was coming from, or contact information for my birth parents or adoptive parents was shared between families.

I was adopted by an outstanding family in American Fork, Utah. I grew up there with my Dad Mike, Mom Beth, and the world’s greatest Sister Katherine. I had an amazing childhood, growing up in an old church where my dad built pipe organs!  My parents purchased the building and renovated it so that we lived upstairs in the old classrooms, and the main floor was where my dad and his company would build and assemble the beautiful instruments.

In a special and wonderful chain of events and with a lot of help from my amazing husband, we were able to find my birthparents in 2016. Meeting my birth parents in person was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! After finding my biological family, life could not have been better! I finally felt complete! I gained several new brothers and sisters overnight!  One of the most amazing experiences I have had was having both of my mothers walk me down the aisle at our wedding! Over time it has been incredible to live and see my adoptive and biological families grow into one big family.

I am a dedicated, hardworking guy, who loves getting his hands dirty in projects around the house. I love working in our yard, helping friends and family, and getting out into the great outdoors! I started three companies, each fully licensed and insured before age twenty, and am currently working for Salt Lake City Public Utilities. We purchased our first house together before I turned twenty-five in Salt Lake, and we are hoping to adopt before I turn thirty this year! I am excited to be a father! I can’t wait to teach an incredible young boy all about sports, how to repair cars, how to trim the yard, and go camping and fishing just like my dad did with me!

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Meet Zoey, our beautiful brown, lab/pitty mix, who is the emotional one in our family!  She takes great initiative to make sure everyone is happy and feels loved. She is very intune and will position herself between us if she feels we are being too loud. She is a gentle, old soul who has been a part of our family for over five years!


On the playful and energetic side we have Sky!  While she is definitely not a puppy, but keeps us on our feet! She sure likes to give us her opinion and talks to us! She is an Australian Kelpie and was found as a stray in Arizona. We  adopted her at the Humane Society Shelter in September of 2019. She is always on the hunt for a toy and loves to hold them up in the air while lying on her back to admire them! We absolutely love it when she hears a fire truck or ambulance coming, and she howls to the siren.





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